Who is Rocket Grove?

My name is Brent Randall. I am the owner of Rocket Grove Creative Studios, and I live with my wife and three children just north of Nashville, TN.

I’ve been building and marketing websites for 13 years, including work with one of the largest Christian media companies in the world, multiple Country Music Hall of Famers, and more. I now run Rocket Grove full-time with a passion for helping small and medium-sized businesses grow while saving time and money.

I started Rocket Grove because I wanted to be help businesses take the best path to success. I’d love to talk about your business and the possibilities to grow. So if you’re ready to get started, so am I.

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The Golden Rule
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We’re a small business too, and we know how important your business is to you.

It probably sounds cliche, but you’re more than just a number. We know that it takes a lot of trust for you to hire someone and place your business in their hands. So we treat every client and their business with the respect and seriousness we do for our own.

We’ll never make decisions in your business without first considering how it will impact everything that’s important to you.

Our Best Company "Features"

There are thousands of web design agencies out there. But we believe you’ll want to choose us, and our goal is simple. Grow your business or we lose your business.

  • Your business will get personal, regular, non-automated care
  • Our support response times are amazingly fast.
  • Our pricing is fair, open, and based on real results
  • Your website and marketing efforts are personal to us

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few questions we get asked from time to time. As a bonus, I’ve gone ahead and put the answers here as well! You’re still free to ask them directly if you wish, but I figured it might be convenient to save your time if that’s your preference. How’s that for service?

Rocket Grove was created about 7 years ago, but I’ve been building websites and helping businesses for about 13 years. I’ve worked with solo business owners all the way up to large corporations both as a freelancer and an employee.

I know, it might seem a little confusing to see the word “we”, but not know exactly who that is! Put simply, Rocket Grove is run primarily by me, Brent Randall (read more about me above!), with my trusty sidekick…my wife Ashley.

However, depending on your project, we also have a carefully chosen group of other creative and business minds who may participate. You will be made aware of this before it happens (and you can even say no!), and all contract terms automatically extend to anyone else who works on behalf of Rocket Grove Creative Studios.

Results are about using your time, money, and other resources wisely. It doesn’t take a large marketing agency to get your business in front of customers or on the first page of Google. There are no secret techniques reserved for large agencies with $600 ergonomic chairs in a downtown office around a conference table.

On the contrary, we can provide something they can’t; personal service and dedication. We take a direct interest in not only your business, but you. And we have a track record of amazing results, just like the big boys. You’ll see first hand that there is nothing they can do that we can’t. We’ll just care more when we do it.

Well, first, I kind of like rockets.

A grove is basically a group of trees, and I picture business owners as kind of sitting among other business owners, each one trying to grow just a little taller and stand out from the rest. And it’s not always easy. So what if they had a boost? What if they had a company that could help them grow faster, stand out from their competitors, and take off?

Since “Rocket Trees” didn’t quite sound right, I went with Rocket Grove.