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For your website to truly shine and actually matter for your business, it needs to be more than just a beautiful page. We focus on creating a design that converts your visitors and grows your business. And yes, it will look great too.

A beautiful website is just the beginning

We know your website is important for your business, and you want a designer who understands that importance. You also want a designer who will provide the necessary support throughout the process. Rocket Grove provides a full-service web design and support package.

Web Design Packages That Include It All

Our Web Design Process

Over more than a decade of designing websites, we’ve developed an extensive and proven process for creating websites that not only look good, but serve our clients and their business in a way that helps them grow, while providing peace of mind that their website is in good hands. The steps below form the basis for every new project.

Research and Planning

Probably the most important phase of web design is the planning phase. If your website isn’t built around the needs and tendencies of your industry and visitors, it’s not really serving you as well as it should.

During the planning phase, we’ll go through a multiple stage discovery process as we put together a unique plan for your project. We’ll learn about your customers, their tendencies, how your competition is structured, and all the necessary intricacies of your business.

In the end, we’ll have a solid backbone to use during the design of your site and marketing plan. 

Designing Your Site

Once we have all the information we need to fully understand and anticipate the needs of your business and customers, it’s time to start the design process.

We’ll compile a fully customized website with your branding and message on full display. Your site will be designed to not only look good on all platforms and devices, but to lead your visitors towards your goals.

Every image, color, and feature will be fully optimized to convert your visitors into customers, provide a professional image, and run efficiently. 

Testing and Optimization

Once your site design is complete and all functionality is built, the testing process begins. During this process, we’ll run your site through dozens of different browser tests, performance tests, and security tests.

Our goal is to make your site run as efficiently as possible with rock solid code, fast loading speeds, and ready for your visitors to enjoy. Your site will also be fully search engine friendly with our SEO Base Package.

Rocket Grove specializes in WordPress optimization and will make sure every corner of your site is lightweight and lightning fast.

Deployment – Launching Your Site

Once your site is tested and ready to go, we’ll to through the process of transferring your website to your server (we can help you find hosting if you don’t have it already).

We’ll handle everything from server configuration to database creation, as well as the actual transfer of your files, setting up access to your site and more. And you won’t have to worry about the details.

We then go through an additional stage of testing to be sure your site is working the same on your server as it did during testing.

Support and Maintenance

Every website we build (excluding our Website Basic package) includes 3 months of website support, including technical support, website updates, and more.

We’ll make sure you aren’t left in the dark once your site launches. Email and ticket support are available 7 days a week to help you get to know and run your new site.

In addition, you or your team will be given all the training necessary to run the important parts of your website. Additional training sessions are available if you have more team members. 

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